Benefits of Membership

Membership of AChiPPP brings a range of benefits: [ulist] [*][b]AChiPPP puts you in touch with other colleagues in private practice[/b]. You can use the postcode search to find psychologist who are close to you or to find psychologists who share your specialisms, research interests, who can act as supervisors and so on [*][b]AChiPPP arranges conferences and lunches on topics of particular concern to child psychologists in private practice[/b]. [*][b]AChiPPP gives you an email contact group for support, information and joint problem solving[/b]. At the same time it is not an email group that will overwhelm you. AChiPPP members only use email when there's a purpose. They're too busy to do otherwise! [*][b]AChiPPP is increasingly being recognised by parents, solicitors and other organisations as a point of contact with chartered psychologists working with children[/b]. Join AChiPPP and spread the word. [*][b]AChiPPP with its collective voice can give higher profile to issues and concerns that affect us as individual child psychologists[/b]. [/ulist]