About AChiPPP

Association Practice

The Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice has been established by two founder members, Denise Thornton and Terri Hall with the intention of drawing together committed practitioners who have a vision for the future of Child Psychology. We believe that Child Psychologists working in private practice need a forum for discussion, the opportunity to speak with a collective voice and the chance to help shape the future of our profession. This Association seeks to act as an open and objective information channel for the public and engender transparent professional practice.

Invited members involved in the establishment of the Association include Ruth Birnbaum, Peter Rankin Jonathan Reed and Jennifer Stockley.

The Association will depend upon the support of its members for its growth and survival.

The Association of Child Psychologists in Private Practice will be run as a non-profit making association with the following objectives:

The Association will endeavour to inform the relevant professional organisations e.g. British Psychological Society, Association of Educational Psychologists, of the Association's plans and developments.


Membership is open to: