Information for Parents

The information for parents is presented in two ways. Some of us like to quickly browse through questions and answers to find the questions that we have in mind. Others prefer a more descriptive approach. We have tried to offer both.

This is the Question and Answer Page; click here for the Descriptive Page.

Q What is a child psychologist?

Child psychologists have:

Q What age range is covered?

Child psychologists work with a variety of age groups. Some include work with newborn and pre-school children. Many more cover the school years. Some work with young people in further and higher education at colleges and university. The search systems should help you find a psychologist who works with the age group in which you are interested.

Q Do all child psychologists offer the same services?


Child psychologists work with children in a variety of settings e.g. family, school, residential settings.

Often they then go on to develop a specialism i.e. a particular area of practice or expertise.

Q What sort of services does this include?

The list below also gives some idea of the range of issues in which a child psychologist might be involved.

The above are just some of the range of tasks in which child psychologists may be involved.

Some of the particular specialisms are listed in the box titled Speciality under Find a Psychologist.

Q How do I find a child psychologist who can best with what I need for my child?

First obtain the names of psychologist who may be able to help

There are four ways you can find a psychologist on this site.


Q Why do fees vary?

Different services may be being offered. See above for the need to check what exactly is being offered.

Remember that psychologists have to cover overheads which can include secretarial support, assessment materials, office rental, travelling and the additional time and money spent on further and more specialist training. This then will be reflected in the fees charged.