28 Mar 2017 - UCL course: What does resilience mean for educational psychologists? Concepts and applications

Educational psychologists are not alone in frequently appealing to the concept of resilience.  It often forms part of a psychological perspective on a child or young person's circumstances and may contribute to recommendations about approaches to improving those circumstances.  At the same time there are a growing number of commercially available preventative programmes being used in schools, which aim to strengthen resilience.  Many of these are promoted if not delivered by educational psychologists.  In the undoubted appeal of the concept, there is a tendency to overlook clarity about what it means because of a blurring between everyday talk about resilience and perspectives on resilience emanating from research,  The risk, then, is the assumption that in discussion, little more is required that the word itself.  What happens, though, when we scratch the surface? Do we know and more particularly, do our service users know, what we mean when we talk about resilience?  This day is designed, therefore, to examine current research and thinking about the concept of resilience and how that concept is used by EPs in practice.

For more information about the day please contact the Educational Psychology Group, UCL - edadmin@ucl.ac.uk  or 0207 679 5545. Download the application form here http://www.ucl.ac.uk/educational-psychology/cpd/le_days.htm