Introduction to being a Psychology Exert Witness in Clinical Negligence and Personal injury

The latest training event took place in February 2020.  This was a niche event for AChiPPP members who are thinking about the possibility of adding expert witness work for clinical negligence and personal injury work to their portfolio.  It was good to see a mix of expertise with educational, clinical and child neuropsychologists present.

We were fortunate to have Stephanie Code a partner  in the clinical injury and personal injury team at Pennington Manches and Cooper join us.   Recognised by The Legal 500 as ‘vastly experienced’  she is a leader in her field and AChiPPP was privileged to be able to welcome her to the day.  Stephanie guided us through the legal process from initial enquiry to final settlement highlighting the way in which psychologist and lawyer can best support each other while recognising their different focuses.  While a lawyer will be focused on winning a case for the client the psychologist’s commitment is to the court to ensure that the court has an independent opinion that is based on professional knowledge and expertise. 

Denise Thornton , Terri Hall and Jeff Hughes contributed their experiences of being a psychology expert witness each focusing upon different aspects of the process   The evaluation forms showed the day to be very well received and we thank Stephanie for her valuable contribution.

The next Expert Witness Training Day will be on May 15th and it will be an introduction to being an expert witness to the First Tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability).  The venue will again be Friends House Euston.